The operation was a success and the doctors were able to save the beard.

Well, the surgery was a success. No complications. They excised 19.2 pounds of fat and skin directly and also lipoe’d out about 400 g. Operation started at 11:30 or so on Friday, I woke up in recovery about 8 PM. Drains are in and will stay in for at least four weeks. I was worried that they’d need to shave my beard to get oxygen in or whatever but it came out unscathed.

The most painful part is the abdominal plication which makes it impossible to laugh or cough without pain. I fell behind the “pain curve” fairly early on but have been doing OK now that Igot the narcotic jump on it. Standard meds are oxycodone and valium and I can’t get more than about two or four hours of sleep lest I fall behind again.

When it rains, it pours… in addition to my wounds, our dog went after a cat at my dad’s house and got a nasty gash on his chest. Behold: two pitful creatures alike in their misery. I’m just happy that he gets to wear the cone of shame and not me!


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