Circumferential Body Lift Recovery: Week 1 Post-Op

Hey All,

First week flew by in a haze of narcotics, drainage tubes, and interrupted sleep cycles.

The very first post-operative appointment was yesterday. All appears to be on point. No drains came out since they are all steadily producing with no signs of infection or any other problems. Pain management is dialed in, which makes going to the bathroom regularly a difficult chore, but apart from that no real problems. I’m holding on to as much weight in fluid as tissue they took off of me, which is kind of trippy to consider. I feel like I’m moving around really, really well. I ditched the walker after the first couple days and should be able to go back to lying flat on my back next weekend.

Back on a few supplements: Natural Calm and Zinc for mineral support, fish oil because duh, vitamin D, and I’m taking some chewable papaya enzymes whenever I feel like munching on a few. First couple days we had pizza and burgers and stuff because I felt like I needed SOME kind of easy calories but I’m back paleo now, trying to hit lots of protein but moderate fat and as few carbs as possible.

My wife has been an absolute angel and the support from my immediate and extended family as well as my friends and my employer has been tremendous. This is as close to an actual rebirth that a person can go through at least in a physical sense. I feel very positive about where things are going to go from here on out.

My very talented friend Nick Conn, owner of Santa Barbara Strength/Crossfit Goodland, wrote a post about my work over the last 3 years and my procedure yesterday for his weekly Friday Inspiration blog post. Nick is a talented athlete, great coach, top-notch human being and has deadlifted 600 at a body weight of 200. I was very honored that he shared part of my story with his athletes.

Oh, and here’s how I’m looking these days!

Progress as of Day 6 2013-03-28

Progress as of Day 6 2013-03-28

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  • craft fear  On March 30, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    I don’t think I’ve ever been called an angel before this week. I’d like to thank my good friend and benefactor, caffeine.

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